The Undergound Garagiste Services Flight

Become a Garagiste


Ever been interested in making wine? I'll partner with you from grape selection to fermentation to bottling and help you craft 40 gallons of really tasty wine. That's 160-180 bottles of custom made wine,  blended by you. These wines are totally drinkable on their own but with enough acidity to pair nicely with most cuisines. Together we will follow in the footsteps of the "garagistes" of France,  a group of rogue winemakers, like you making wine in their homes.

Pricing and details on request.

Underground Club


Join the Underground Club to get that perfect gift or to build out your collection by acquiring rare, small batch bottles crafted by your neighborhood winemaker.

Taste my wine out of the barrel, no need to travel far for a barrel tasting weekend!

Meet the Underground Garagiste


I have the CSW (certified specialist in wine) designation and would be happy to offer a tasting and educational wine class in your home or other venue. With these classes I aim to help demystify wine: drinking it, talking about it and buying it. You and your guests will get key information, cool wine-related facts and the confidence to go into a wine shop or speak with a sommelier at a restaurant. Fun!