The Legend of the Garagiste


Located in North Oakland, nestled between the Berkeley Hills and the SF Bay, I've been making wine in my home for ten years, always on a small artisanal scale.


The "garagiste" movement took off in France in the 1990's with a focus on less tannins and more fruit in the wine.  These pioneers made the wine in the garage without high-end equipment and a more primitive approach to wine making. 


My garagiste style is to focus on crafting early-approachable wines without a lot of manipulation and no extra additives - a version of the Garagiste style of France! My friends and I always enjoyed wine and had that urge to make some ourselves. That turned into making 200 gallons each season. In order to improve my winemaking skills, I started taking classes at UC Davis and am currently enrolled in their Enology and Viticulture program. 


Additionally, I am a Certified Specialist in Wine (CSW), offered by the Society of Wine Educators. I travel often to the northern California wine country to learn more as well in my own backyard with at least 15 urban vintners in the area. I would like to open up my garage, share a glass with you and discuss how you can make wine yourself.